Outdoor Advertising is a unique medium in that it communicates
to an audience on the go- usually in transit and always out of
home. MGI provides creative, dynamic, photo-realistic images to
best help our clients reach their out-of-home target audience and
market. We offer a full spectrum of products for your project and
budget, and we offer them on time, on budget with no hidden
How will you know you haven't
missed the vendor with the best
media, locations or rates? Could
you use a partner who will act as an
advocate and expert on your
behalf-one that will ensure you get
the best media/location(s) available
at a fair rate? Let us navigate the
outdoor media buying landscape for
you. Buying outdoor advertising is a
complex and potentially costly
process for time pressed media
buyers, business owners and
advertisers to navigate. Media
Graphics Inc. can simplify your
outdoor advertising buying and save
you money - yes, save you money -
by researching what's available for
you. We will then aggressively
negotiate on your behalf amongst
the ever growing multitude of
outdoor vendors in whatever market
you are considering across the USA
to ensure that you get a fair and
value-added rate - on top of great
placement that will get you noticed!
MGI will assure you are getting an
accurate representation of what is